The Don Pan International Bakery® story traces its roots to a small village in Spain, where Luis Gorrin, one of the founders, was born in 1917. Luis Gorrin believed that greater opportunities awaited them in the Americas; and, in 1946, the family immigrated to Venezuela.

Juan Gorrin, and Alvaro Gorrin, Sr., the company’s founders were born in Canary Island, Spain. Their schooling was in Venezuela, where they studied commerce and medicine.  However, they pursued a career in business instead. Their business background included real estate and banking, as well as bakery and franchise enterprises. They have served on the board of Directors for important financial institutions.

The Gorrin family found a receptive audience for the authentic, European influence in baked goods, and soon the Don Pan story began. For years, the family produced a variety of fine baked goods in their South American communities, and dreamed of expanding the business into North America.

The Don Pan International Bakery® concept
The success of the Don Pan International Bakery® concept lies in tried and true recipes handed down through generations of our biggest critics -- ourselves.)

The Don Pan ® name was born in Venezuela in 1982. The Gorrin family soon came to the United States where they built and opened their first store on Flagler Street in Miami, FL, in February 1995.

Since that time, the Don Pan International Bakery® concept has grown immensely with thirty retail operations throughout Florida, and demand for the Don Pan International Bakery® delicacies is growing exponentially. 

The Don Pan International Bakery® restaurant was set up with this philosophy in mind: good, healthy international food with a quality and consistency you can depend on. 

Every Don Pan International Bakery® store is based on a traditional Bakery Café concept, with bakery items, pastry item and deli items served to a both take out and seating in customers. The Don Pan International Bakery® artisan technique uses only the most modern baking equipment available to produce the finest quality baked goods.

With the Don Pan International Bakery® concept, everyone comes out a winner. It is this experience we offer to share with you, as a Don Pan International Bakery® franchisee.

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