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Alton Rd.

Montaditos (3)

Open-Faced Sandwiches on our Daily Baked Baguette-Choose any three: Tuna, Pork, Salmon, Iberico Ham, Anchovies, Pimmento with Cream Cheese, Manchego & Prosciutto, Tumaca, Caprese.

Montaditos:Tuna (tomato Olive Oil and Green Olive) +$5Pork (tomato and Sea Salt) +$4Salmon (salmon with Cream Cheese & Chives) +$6Iberico Ham (and Olive Oil) +$6Anchovies (tomato and Olive Oil) +$6Pimmento with Cream Cheese +$4Machego & Prociutto +$6Tumaca (rubbed Tomato, Olive Oil, Rosemary) +$4Caprese (fresh Cheese, Olive Oil and Basil) +$4

Alton Rd.