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Sandwich Combo


Sandwich with your choice of meat, cheese and soda, plus potato chips.

Sandwich Meat Combo (Select 1):Ham Deli Turkey Salami Tuna Fresh Pork Shredded Meat Shredded Chicken
Sandwich Cheese Combo (Select 1):White Cheese Swiss Cheese Provolone Cheese American Cheese Gouda Cheese Guayanes
Add On (Choose Up to 1):Ham +$1.50Turkey +$1.50Deli Turkey +$1.50Fresh Turkey +$3.99Salami +$1.50Tuna +$1.50Fresh Pork +$3.99Chicken +$3.99White Cheese +$1.50Swiss Cheese +$1.50Provolone Cheese +$1.50American Cheese +$1.50Gouda Cheese +$1.50Guayanes +$1.50Queso De Miano +$1.50Shredded Cheese +$3.99
Soda (Select 1):Pepsi Coke Diet Pepsi Diet Coke Sprite